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Few Examples

Once upon a time there was a nice little boy who lived in a forest.

He loved to play with his animal friends. His most faithful companion was Michou, a little white labrador.

The two of them were so inseparable that you could never see one without the other.



The sun was high in the sky and the heat was overwhelming. John was thirsty and hungry, but he kept walking.

He walked for hours, until he reached a small oasis. He drank some fresh water and ate some food, then resumed his walk.

He walked for days, crossing hot sand dunes and barren mountains.



So he decided to work all night in his office to solve the mystery. He had put all the evidence on a big white board and started to link it together, trying to find a connection that would help him solve the crime.

He had studied the alibis of all the suspects, examined the evidence from every angle, and had eliminated little by little each person who didn't fit the investigation.



The first day of school arrived and Thomas woke up early. He had prepared everything the day before: his schoolbag was ready, his clothes were ironed.

He ran to the bathroom, brushed his teeth and did his hair quickly before running down the stairs.

He rushed out the door and grabbed his school bag, then ran to school.



Arthur was a very special young boy. He loved to spend time in the nature, watching the animals and playing with the deer in the forest. The deer were his closest friends, and he always protected them from harm.

One day he wanted to become a knight. But he had to leave the castle to prove himself. So he left, not without regret.



After traveling through many landscapes and experiencing great adventures, Mike decided to return home. He had learned a lot about nature, about animals, about himself and about the world around him.

He had become a knight with a big heart, respected and admired by everyone he met. But he never forgot his friends the deer, who were always in his heart.


Lila was a female llama who lived in the Andes Mountains of South America. She was known for her beautiful soft fur and expressive eyes.

Lila enjoyed spending her days eating grass and exploring the vast mountain landscape with her llama friends.

One day, a group of tourists arrived in the area to explore the mountains...



They needed help to continue their research, and decided to contact Philip, who was a computer expert.

Philip gladly welcomed them into his office and showed them how to use his computer to find information about Will's and his grandfather's ancestors.

They searched the online archives and discovered documents that mentioned a property.



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It costs 50 credits to generate a 24-page book.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I generate a book ?

To generate a book, you must buy credits. From 35 credits, you can generate your first book.

What are the adjustable parameters to generate a book that is really convenient for me?

You can choose the title, the main character and his companion (and their characteristics), the time period, the moral, and the number of pages.

Can I choose which of several illustrations I prefer?

Of course. For each page, four illustrations are generated. You can choose the one you like best by clicking on one of the images. It will be upscaled, so as to be available in high resolution. If required, a zoom function is available to make it easier to choose between the 4 images.

What if I don't like some parts of the book (paragraphs or illustrations)?

Not happy with the result? Don't worry! You can edit the paragraphs as you like, adding sentences or deleting words. If it's the illustration that's bothering you, you can regenerate the image. If you've updated the text on the corresponding page, this will be taken into account by the AI.

How much does it cost to generate a book ?

You can buy 50 credits for 10$, and generate a 24-pages book with it. The more credits you buy, the less it will cost you.

What will be the result?

The result will be a children's book in square format, editable, exportable to pdf.

Will I have the rights of the book?

You have full ownership of the book once it is generated. You have all rights, even commercial. You are free to sell the book if you wish.

What is the format of the book?

For the moment, the only available format of the book is the square format.